Fashion and Beauty Photographer

Fashion and Beauty Photographer

Kristine Di Grigoli is an Internationally published fashion and beauty photographer. Her work can be seen in advertising campaigns to editorial stories.

Kristine specializes in creating dramatic portraits that are well produced and stylized. Her photographs make the viewer want to be a part of the image and possess wonder. Kristine’s work showcases the vulnerability in her subjects along with creating a fine balance between real and unreal.

Kristine has two photography studios, one in New York City and the other is in Philadelphia. Kristine adores the city lifestyle, as it feeds her inspiration with the culture of high energy and constant change of surroundings.  The city is also her stage for her fashion editorials as well as creating sets in a controlled studio setting.

Kristine prefers to use Profoto lighting system because it is versatile worldwide to rent gear and keep her travel bag as light as possible. However she can work with as little as two lights and a camera and still make magic happen. Kristine is always thinking outside the box and finding solutions no matter the situation. She is determined, organized, and a creative business artist. Kristine takes pride in her ability to remain efficient and is determined to always exceed your expectations. She enjoys what she does and making others around her feel part of the process.  As she always says during all of her photo shoots “Its not all about me. It’s about us as a team! All ego aside.”   Kristine enjoys the process of collaboration as well as the happy accidents that make the whole story really come together. Kristine’s favorite part of the session is the selection process and including everyone to decide together what looks best.  Sometimes when you think one thing looks great, another may see something you may have overlooked and in the end everyone is excited.

Feel free to contact Kristine directly for your next project.  Also make sure to follow her on Instagram